Carnaby Street

Carnaby is a name given to a street in Central London and it is a very popular street there. Carnaby Street is known for shopping because it is full of fashion retail shops and also there are a lot of fashion boutiques. Nobody has a clue as to how this name was given to this street but some say that the name goes back several hundred years and was based on Karnaby House.

The reason it is known as a shopping destination also goes back 200 years when the first market was opened there. Ever since that time, this area has thrived and been known for such activities. Today the area is completely filled with some of the top fashion design retail shops.

The above image is a photo taken of the Sign Board that is put up at the start of the street.

Carnaby Street is pedestrianized because there are so many people walking around there that it makes no sense to allow cars over there. No vehicles are allowed to enter the road from 11 am to 8 pm. This has been done to keep the street safe for pedestrians and also to bring more people out there. The idea had come from the government to have some designated shopping destinations in this part of London. It also helps in boosting revenues from travelers as a shopping heaven often attracts tourists.

It is suggested that after the road was pedestrianized, the number of people coming there shot up by over 30%. It must be a correct figure because a lot of people love going to places where they don’t have to constantly watch their back for a vehicle, they can safely walk around and enjoy.

Just check out how many people are roaming around with bags in their hand. They have all come out to the street to shop and have a fun filled day. As you can see the shops in the above image, they are all looking so colorful and lively. As of today in 2017, go there at a busy time and you will find the place to be extremely noisy and full of people. You may not find a place to sit in a restaurant or a coffee shop because it is all occupied by someone or the other.

Don’t think of Carnaby Street to just be full of shops related to clothes but there are also a few social clubs and Jazz clubs. We also have some really fine dining restaurants in the area along with places where live music and bands play. It is an interesting place and there is a reason why the area was pedestrianized and why so many people visit the place every day.

Take a look at this video to understand more about the street: